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Chihuahua: Take a stroll down memory lane in Batopilas

By Anita Draycott

Batopilas, a small town nestled in the Western Sierra Madre at the bottom of a cliff has tales to share. It’s home to beautiful plazas and bridges built of rope and river rocks, but the main surprise is a beautiful aqueduct built in the 19th century.

Walk its streets and Batopilas will reveal stories about the discovery of silver deposits and its glory days during the Porfirio Diaz era when its most notable buildings were erected, such as the impressive City Hall, built around 1890 and the San Miguel and Shepherd Haciendas. Visit La Bufa mine, where the mining entrepreneur Alexander Robert amassed a fortune.

Saint Michael Archangel Temple is another emblematic building with a triple dome that dates back to the 17th century. To reach the temple, you need to travel 8 km on foot from the town to the Satevo Valley. It’s a bit of a hike but the views are worthwhile.

The warm climate of Batopilas is ideal for the tropical and semi-tropical vegetation. Expect to find orange, mango, avocado and papaya orchards. Likewise, it is not uncommon to find bougainvillea, tabachines and ceibas along the streets.

From La Bufa viewpoint, located in the surrounding area of a Tarahumara community called Quirare, you’ll get a fantastic view of the canyons, the Batopilas River and the minerals at La Bufa. Another viewpoint is Piedra Redonda, where you can admire the Banana Canyons.

Along the Batopilas River you can set up camp and take a refreshing dip. Close by, the La Bufa bridge, which crosses one of the canyon’s deepest sections. You will soon discover that Chihuahua, the largest Mexican state, has a multitude of charms, attractions and surprises.

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Unplug from the city life, head to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos!

Looking forward to unplugging from city life and enjoying a vacation in an island paradise? Head to Providenciales where you can soak in its beauty, charm, and attractions.

Often referred to as the capital of tourism of Turks and Caicos, Providenciales or Provo for short, boasts of superb beaches, friendly locals, and attractions. It might be a little touristy with a lot of development geared towards attracting travelers from all over the world, but you can easily overlook the signs of progress, and focus on enjoying what it offers. Covering a total land area of 37.5 square miles, the island is inhabited by more than 23,000 people, and is blessed with a tropical climate. It was in 1984 that a large hotel and casino complex was built in the island, thus paving the way for it to be recognized as a tourist destination. The island is also popular with retirees who love its laid back atmosphere, the reason why residential development is seeing a boom in this tiny island. Providenciales International Airport is your gateway to the island. It is served by a number of Caribbean and international carriers from the US, Canada, and United Kingdom.

The minute you set foot in Providenciales, you know you have made the right decision to enjoy a vacation in the island. The airport might be busy but the friendly locals will make you feel right at home. Choose a hotel located in Grace Bay so you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand just a few steps away from your room. Providenciales is synonymous to water activities so don’t forget to being bottles of sunblock! To make sure that you enjoy the best of Providenciales, you must visit Chalk Sound, Taylor Bay, Sapodilla Bay, Leeward Beach, Longbay Beach, Princess Alexandra National Park, Caicos Conch Farm, Anna's Art Gallery, and Art Provo. To maximize your time, you can join a boat tour, moped tour, food tour, or fishing tour.

Enjoy days  of snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving, whale watching, kite surfing, water skiing, and jet skiing in Providenciales. Getting excited? Consult your travel agent for more details.  

Spend you Christmas Holiday in Munich, Germany

One of the best cities to enjoy a Christmas holiday with the family, the city of Munich is brimming with activities that spell a lot of fun during the season.

Named by Travel + Leisure as one of the best places to spend Christmas in, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is known for its festivals, events and attractions. It is inhabited by about 1.5 million people, covers a total area of 119.86 square miles, and blessed with an oceanic climate. The home to the BMW, the city is also known for tax free shopping, 61 theaters, 36 museums, 4 symphony orchestras, the annual Oktoberfest, 6 major breweries, over 60 beer gardens, and the Weißwürste, a popular breakfast white sausage. Munich is a city that can be visited at any time of the year, but if you want to have a magical and an unforgettable Christmas holiday, you must visit Munich during the Christmas season. Munich Airport is you gateway to the city. It is located 35 kilometers from the city, and is served by a number of carriers from all over the world.

Why spend your Christmas holiday in Munich? One of the busiest time of the year in the city, the Christmas season ushers in a shopping frenzy for Christmas goodies with more than two dozen Christmas markets dotting the city. You can listen and revel in German Christmas music at the Church of Our Lady, or one of the concert halls in the city. Have fun at the Tollwood Winter Festival which features amazing acrobatics, dances, music, and food. Be awed by the hundred-foot-tall Christmas tree in the Marienplatz. Bring out your skates and have a ball in Munich Ice Magic, the city’s largest open-air skating rink. And visit the Christmas Village in the Royal Residence where your kids can ride carousels, and shake hands with Nikolaus, the German Santa Claus.

Relish the Christmas spirit in Munich, and have one of the most memorable Christmas holidays in the city known as the World City with Heart. Consult your travel agent for more details.  

Explore Las Labradas, an open-air museum in Mazatlan, Mexico

Once a major tourist destination in Mexico, the city of Mazatlan is fast being rediscovered by both local and international travelers. If you like spending your vacation in cities where you can enjoy both outdoors and cultural experiences, you must head to Mazatlan, Mexico.

A city located in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico, Mazatlan was once known for its fantastic beaches but was overshadowed by the other tourist destinations in the mid-20th century. Fortunately, through the concerted efforts of the locals, the city has been revitalized, and is now drawing in thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the best of worlds; the sea and history. The second largest city in the state, Mazatlan has more than 500,000 inhabitants and is blessed with a tropical climate, making it ideal to visit at any time of the year. The General Rafael Buelna International Airport is your gateway to the city. It is about 25 minutes from the airport which is served both domestic and international airlines. The city boasts of about 20 kilometers of beautiful beaches, two championship golf courses, a tennis complex, the largest local shrimp fleet in the country, and the home to the Pacifico brewery, one most popular brand of beers in the county.  

Visiting its attractions will open your eyes to the beauty and rich culture of the city. Its top attractions include Acuario Mazatlan, Baluarte Bridge, El Faro Lighthouse, Plaza Machado, Deer Island, Mazagua, Mazatlan Farmers Market, Lookout Mountain, Museo Arqueologia, and Monumento Mujer Mazalteca, and a number of playas where you can enjoy water activities. You must not miss exploring Las Labradas, an open-air museum, where you will find carved stones dating back as far as 1,500 years ago, and centuries-old sculptural masterpieces and artifacts.

Take the road less traveled when you visit Mexico. Head to Mazatlan and enjoy a more languid and free-spirited atmosphere. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

Recovering from a broken heart? Visit the  Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

If you are recovering from a broken heart, one of the best things you can do is to travel. Traveling provides you the time and space to mend your broken heart, meet new people, and explore places that will open your heart and soul to a world beyond what you are feeling. There have been millions of people around the world who had to go through heartbreak and survived, and the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb is an evidence of that.

The largest and the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is where you can mend your broken heart. The city is filled with a number of attractions that will keep you busy, and make you realize that there is a world out there waiting for you to explore. Zagreb International Airport is your gateway to the city. It is served by a number of international carriers.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is where you start mending your broken heart. Conceptualized by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, the museum provides people coming from failed relationships a chance to recover positively. Located at the Kulmer palace in the upper town of Zagreb, it showcases an emotional journey through hundreds of love break-ups from all over the world. It features stories of breakups which can be funny, sad, or both. You will find yourself relating to some, and will make you realize that there is life after a breakup. These notes and letters are usually accompanied by objects or items that symbolized the relationship including stuff toys, frames, pillows, cellphones, dresses, and even underpants! If you want to unburden, you can share your story or memento. Don’t worry, all contributions are exhibited anonymously. After the tour of the museum, you can have some sweets and coffee at the Brokenships Café, and shop at the museum store for souvenirs and gifts.

It is really hard to get over a relationship but the Museum of Broken Relationships will make you realize you are not alone and that you will survive. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

Sloshing around the Czech Republic

By Anita Draycott

Last summer my friend Margaret and I literally sloshed our way around the Czech Republic. If we weren’t steeping in thermal springs or sipping mineral waters, we were knocking back the country’s many liquid libations—from Slivovice to Absinthe to Pilsner. 
I should explain that Margaret, an expert on all things distilled and fermented, makes her living writing and opining on wine and alcohol. 
In the name of research we thirsty travellers began our jaunt about 180 km south of Prague in the fairy-tale town of Cesky Krumlov. Just before sunset we boarded a raft and for forty-five minutes our guide poled us along the Vltava River that loops through the medieval town’s impressive collection of Renaissance and  Baroque architecture dominated by splendid castle towers. 

Cesky Krumlov was established in 1253. After German occupation during World War II many gypsies came to live here. The vagabond spirit still pervades, especially at Cikanska Jizba, a lively bar when tourists and locals cavort and Diego the dog is a regular. It was here that I got my first taste of Absinthe, a green potion, flavoured with wormwood. It tastes like licorice and packs quite a punch. Legend has it that “The Green Fairy” was the tipple of choice of Oscar Wilde and that Ernest Hemingway penned For Whom the Bell Tolls under its influence.
Groggily, the next morning, Margaret and I hiked up the hill to visit the second largest castle in the Czech Republic. This rococo gem houses the best preserved Baroque theatre in the world, complete with original hand-cranked wind and thunder machines, sets, props about 650 costumes and candle-lit orchestra pit.

No doubt the second most popular place in town is the Eggenberg Brewery, established in 1560. After a tour and some free samples (they even make a beer for diabetics) we washed a substantial lunch of liver meatball soup, potato salad, schnitzel and strudel down with a tankard or two.

En route to the spa town of Marienbad, we made an obligatory pitstop in Plzen, home to Pilser Urquell’s Beer World. This is the place where in 1842 the golden lager that many have tried to copy, originated. The comprehensive tour culminates with more free suds.
When Bads are Good
With forty hot mineral springs, Marienbad (German) or Marianske Lazne (Czech) has been luring those who come to take the waters for centuries. Its illustrious visitors have included Russian and English royals, Freud, Chopin and Goethe. We arrived on Saturday night. To say it was dead would be an understatement; the casino reminded me of a funeral parlor.

However, on Sunday morning the town was full of well-slept seniors slurping the mineral waters from the various arcaded fountains. Margaret described the taste as “rusty pipe spiked with sulphur.” However, folks swear by the therapeutic powers of Marienbad’s springs and the its pristine forest-fresh air. A tour of some of the spa facilities revealed a mind-boggling array of treatments including cinnamon packs, carbon dioxide baths and injections, bowel cleansing, flasking and lymphodrainage. In case your purified body craves some toxins, I noticed cream puffs in a revolving refrigerated case, as well as cigars, cigarettes and bottles of booze on sale in one of the spa hotel reception areas.  Perhaps the most exciting entertainment to be found was a musical fountain in the centre of town that plays classical tunes every two hours.

The livelier spa oasis Carlsbad (German) or Karlovy Vary (Czech), about two hours from Prague, is beautifully situated on the Tepla River. Thanks to the fact that during the Communist regime there was no money to tear down the classic 19th century “wedding cake” Art Nouveau buildings and put up proletariat eyesores, the elegant architecture remains intact both here and in Marienbad. 
Carlsbad’s twelve natural mineral springs are purportedly good for what ails you—from gout to obesity. As in Marienbad, folks taking the “cure” slosh around this Bohemian town’s four drinking pavillions filling their spouted cups with the thermal gold. The spout allows you to sip the water without staining your teeth. Rush hour occurs about one hour before mealtimes.

Fearful that too much of the sulphurous waters would have purging effects, we decided to indulge in some spa treatments. First we soaked up to our necks in a bubbling tub redolent of rotten eggs. Then came the massage, a half-hour pummeling by a brick of a woman lacking what I’d call people skills. The Czech’s have not adopted the North American concept of spa as place to be pampered. Also keep in mind that Eastern Europeans are blasé about nudity so it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a sauna or hot tub with “members” of the opposite sex. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Margaret with her inquenchable thirst for new libartions decided we should find a drinking establishment and order Carlsbad’s locally produced Becherovka liqueur. If I thought the Absinthe was awful, this bitter brew, with hints of clove and cinnamon, was brutal. It was originally invented by Josef Becher, a Carlsbad pharmacist, to relieve stomach ailments. 

To her credit, Margaret consulted some locals and they suggested it was best downed in one quick swallow followed by a pint of piva (Czech for beer). Many demonstrations of Becherovka bravura followed. Somewhere along the line, we found ourselves dining with these merry Czechs. When I suggested the meal was sitting rather heavily in my gut, a new cure was procured from behind the bar. Slivovice, yet another national treasure, is plum brandy designed to digest the heaviest of duck and dumplings. 

Get Intoxicated with the Beauty and Charm of Antigua, Guatemala

It is not surprising that the city of Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Africa and contains colonial churches, and ruins of 18th century baroque style monuments and buildings that are well preserved.

Surrounded by three large volcanoes that dominate its horizon, Antigua is 1500 meters above sea level and is blessed with a temperate climate. It has about 40,000 inhabitants, majority of who are involved in the agriculture and tourism industry. The city has suffered from floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions throughout its existence but still remains as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala. The city is located about 15 miles from the capital city of Guatemala, where you can take the bus or car to Antigua.  La Aurora International Airport is about an hour away and is served by a number of international carriers.

Antigua is a city where you can relax, take a stroll along its cobbled streets, have coffee in one of the cafes that face the plaza, and take your sweet time visiting its attractions. Its top attractions include ChocoMuseo,  Acatenango Volcano, Pacaya Volcano, Casa Santo Domingo, Arco de Santa Catalina, Church of San Francisco, Antigua Tabaco Compania, Convento de las Capuchinas, Museo Casa del Tejido, and Cerro de la Cruz. If you have a few more days to spend in the city, why not take Spanish lessons in its numerous language schools. Love the outdoors? You can go volcano hiking or mountain biking.

Antigua will fill your days with lots of activities and sights to visit. Call your travel agent and book a trip to the city that will captivate your heart and soul. 

Roswell, New Mexico, the favorite city of Sci-fi, Extraterrestrial and UFO aficionados

If you are a Sci-fi, Extraterrestrial and UFO aficionado, you will be very familiar with the city of Roswell and why it is often called the “Alien Capital of the World”.

The city of Roswell was founded in 1869 by a professional gambler named Van C. Smith who named the town after his father, Roswell. It has more than 48,000 inhabitants and covers a total area of 29.9 square miles. It main industries include farming, ranching, dairying, manufacturing, and petrol production. The city might not be a vacation hotspot for regular travelers but tourists who are interested in mysteries and extraterrestrials will find the city to their liking. It has its share of attractions including the Bottomless Lakes State Park, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico, Roswell Spacewalk, Walker Aviation Museum, and the Downtown Historic District. Roswell can be accessed by bus or car, and if you would rather fly into the city, the Roswell International Air Center, your gateway to Roswell, is served by American Airlines, Express Jet, US Airways, and Baron Aviation Services. It is located six miles from the heart of Roswell.

The 1947 Roswell UFO incident, wherein a surveillance balloon crashed at a ranch near the city which prompted claims of an alien spacecraft crash with alien survivors, made Roswell the mecca for tourists who are interested in mysteries and extraterrestrials. Conspiracy theories and alleged sightings which churned books, movies and TV shows are the reasons why the city is called the “Alien Capital of the World”. The International UFO Museum and Research Center is a must visit for those who are interested to learn more about the incident and aliens in general. It was established in 1992 and features exhibits regarding the Roswell Incident, UFO sightings, Area 51, crop circles, ancient astronauts, and abductions. You can also join the Roswell UFO Festival, held every 4th of July weekend, which features n Light Parade, a 5K/10K Alien Chase Run, Alien Costume Contest, Alien Pet Contest, and lots of food, beverages, vendors, and live entertainment.

A trip to Roswell will answer all your alien-related questions or pique your interest about extraterrestrials. Consult your travel agent for more information about the “Alien Capital of the World”.

Bermuda Shopping Spree

By Anita Draycott

Trimingham’s, Gosling’s and most of the big-name storeowners on Hamilton’s Front Street had pirates for ancestors. Nowadays, as my cab driver joked, “They don’t call it piracy, they call it tourism.” But there are bargains to be found. Look for half-price deals on cashmere sweaters. For classic Bermuda shorts and knee-highs, the English Sports Shop has every colour combination. Yes, Bermudian gents do sport the shorts and socks with tie and blazer as proper business attire. Buy Gosling’s potent Black Seal Rum and ginger beer so you can concoct Bermuda’s national cocktail, the dark ’n stormy, on your patio back home. A dash of Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Rum Peppers Sauce spices up seafood chowder.


Go On An Exclusive Beach Holiday in the Jewel of the South, Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Perched in a calm, a quiet cove in Samal Island in Davao, Philippines, Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers holiday makers an exclusive beach getaway.

Before being an exclusive getaway for beach lovers, the resort was once a pearl farm where thousands of pink, white, and gold pearls were cultivated. It eventually evolved into an island hideaway where vacationers can escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Here you can lounge by the beach while drinking cocktails, try out water activities, or just enjoy the scenery from your luxury accommodation.

Abundantly surrounded by pristine beaches, the resort offers the perfect tropical holiday for those wanting to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Pearl Farm Beach Resort overlooks a mesmerizing view of the ocean. Guests will further be delighted by the cluster of luxurious suites and villas with balconies that have a breathtaking view of the horizon. Add to that the scrumptious cuisines served at the Maranao Restaurant and the cocktails mixed at Parola Bar, you'll surely have the time of your life!

Has your daily routine gotten to you? Do you want a change of scenery? Give yourself a break and book a laid back holiday in Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Explore the Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations in Jamaica

When going to Jamaica, most vacationers think about the resorts that line the island's northern coast. It's not surprising that most travelers will head to that direction because Jamaica is known for exactly that: lounging in the pool, basking in the sun, or enjoying the buffets. But if you're tired of the usual Jamaican scene, why not try exploring the off-the-beaten-path destinations in the island?

It takes an adventurous spirit should you want to explore the other side of Jamaica. However, we can assure you that it's an adventure worth taking! Here are some of the destinations you can visit:

  1. Port Antonio: Located in the eastern side of the northern coast, you can enjoy a slow-paced stay in this local secret destination with lush and green secluded beaches. But, Port Antonio is not just about the beaches. You can try waterfall hikes here or go bird watching. You might also want to try dining on authentic jerk cooking.
  2. Southwestern Jamaica: Just a 90-minute drive from Montego Bay, Southwestern Jamaica is less isolated than Port Antonio, but can still offer you a less crowded vacation spot. Some of the activities you can join are a safari excursion on the Black River, a tour of the historic Appleton Rum Estate, and a relaxing dip at YS Falls. You might also want to visit Treasure Beach, which is the site of Lovers Leap where two Jamaican slaves were said to have leapt to their deaths.
  3. Pelican Bar: A 20-minute boat ride out on the sea, Pelican Bar stands on stilts. Guests can enjoy a frosty Red Stripe and some fresh-caught seafood here.
  4. Mandeville: When you think of Jamaica, you think of beaches. However, land-locked Mandeville is something else. Here you can find the Caribbean's oldest golf course, the Manchester Golf Club, which dates back to 1868. Expect an English vibe when you visit this place, with cricket games and English-style pubs all over the place.
  5. Flower Forest and River Head Adventure Trail: Go to this ecotourism attraction and enjoy a 130-acre tropical forest and 40 acres of landscaped gardens. Follow a hiking trail along Little River and feast on the beautiful sights that include dozens of tropical plants, flowers, and birds. At the end of your hike, you will find yourself in a 14-foot deep pool where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Experience Jamaica differently by exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. Book your holiday with a travel agent today and get the best deals!

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Escape to Florida Keys, Florida, where the fun never stops!

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys is the perfect place to escape the city life and spend days being a beach bum! Kidding aside, Florida Keys is where you can enjoy an unlimited number of activities that are just simply awesome!

The Keys as it is often called, is also known as the American Caribbean. It is a Coral Cay archipelago composed of 1700 islands, most of which are uninhabited. 43 of these islands are connected by bridges. Florida Keys is divided into different groups, namely, the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, the Lower Keys and the Outlying Islands. The most popular islands are the Key Largo, Marathon, Islamorada, Big Pine Key, and Key West, the southernmost point in the Continental United States.

Aside from the usual water activities you can enjoy in any of the islands, Florida Keys has so much more to offer. It is the home of the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Dolphin Research Center, the Turtle Hospital, Harry S. Truman Little White House, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Maritime Museum, San Pablo Catholic Church, Vandenberg Wreck, History of Diving Museum, Lobster Trap Art Gallery, Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, and Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, just to name a few. You can also enjoy an African Queen Canal Cruise, food and cultural tours, ghost & vampire tours, and events such as Fantasy Fest, Marathon Seafood Festival, Cuban American Heritage Festival, Hemingway Days, and Florida Keys Island Fest

Head to Florida Keys and be captivated by its charm, beauty, and friendly locals!  

The History of Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico.

One of the most visited Catholic shrines in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is where you can commune with God and refresh your soul. Millions of Catholics from all over the world come to the Basilica to worship, praise and give thanks.  

The new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located north of Mexico City, about 8 kilometers from the heart of the city. The old basilica was constructed in an unstable land and was sinking, so a new and modern basilica was constructed. Although the old basilica was repaired, it was turned into a perpetual adoration. The new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a magnificent structure which can accommodate 50,000 people. It features 9 chapels on the upper floor, and 15,000 niches and 10 chapels under the main floor. Its seven front doors symbolize the seven gates of eternal Jerusalem.

It was on the dawn of December 9, 1531 that Juan Diego, an Indian convert, who was passing Tepayac Hill, heard a voice calling out to him. The voice was that of the Blessed Virgin Mary who spoke to him in his own native tongue. This was followed by 4 more apparitions, the last of which, was when a beautiful colored portrait of the Blessed Virgin appeared in the coarse fabric of Juan’s mantle. The Blessed Virgin then told Juan that her image was to be known as "Santa Maria de Guadalupe".

Today, the portrait still remains fresh and beautiful. Feel the presence of the Blessed Virgin at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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