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One of the reasons why Costa Rica is now becoming a magnet for nature lovers is because of its beaches, with the Caribbean Sea on its east and the Pacific Ocean on its western part. Nonetheless, there are more to this Central American country than its surf and sand as more and more protected areas and national parks are now being established all throughout the nation.

Take a look at a few of the many flora and fauna and stunning volcanic landscapes in this clip compiled by Cole Graham, who says,

My family spent two weeks in Costa Rica this Winter break. Being blown away by the beauty and scenery, I decided to make a video instead of focusing pictures when travelling.
I ended up with this short film.

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Tulips in Holland


Mark your calendars for the Tulip Time Festival from May 4 to 11, 2013.  We give you a rundown of activities to one of the top 20 events in the world, as named by the International Festival and Events Association.

Music and Variety
* Barbershop Harmony on Parade - talented barbershop quartets march around, plus the wonderful singing of the Holland Windmill Chorus.
* Belles - a comedy play about six sisters from Memphis who are scattered all over the country.
* Doug Daniel Tribute Show – a show featuring full of variety of songs for all ages featuring the number one hits of over 35 different artists.
* Dutch Heritage Show – a one-of-a-kind show portraying provincial life in Holland.
* The Pak Ridge Boys - with over 30 million records sold, Oak Ridge Boys will have you singing along.
* Tulip Time Salute – featuring the young performers from four area high schools playing a musical collage.

* Meijer Midway Carnival at the Civic Centre Parking Lot from 4 to 13 May
* Meijer Children’s Midway Carnival at the Kollen Park from 9 to 12 May

Festival Events
* Art and Craft Fair – from exhibitions and Dutch Dance performances to sightseeing on a guided tour.
* Bier Tuin - late afternoons or evenings refreshment featuring Holland brews and wine.
* Dutch Marktplaats – discover the tastes, sights, crafts and beyond of 19th Century Holland.
* Flower Arrangement Class - make your own flower arrangement with Eastern Floral Master Designers.
* Kinderplaats - musical entertainment, arts, crafts, animals, Dutch Dancing, inflatables and food – this is a children's carnival for children of all ages

Meal Shows
* Let There Be Music – nights of song & dance extravaganza.
* New Odyssey Dinner Concert - outstanding performance which will feature Classic Rock, Country, novelty and specialty arrangements.
* Taste of Holland Breakfast and Lunch - culturally enlightening breakfast and the history of Dutch cooking.

On the whole, a lot more of interesting activities await you in Holland!

Check with our travel experts for more handy information about this Holland festival!

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Upper East Side, NYC


Aside from its charming service, superb reception and an intimate touch of a domiciliary abode, you’d also be pleasantly surprised with the distinct and roomy guestrooms offered at The Lowell. The majority of these are exclusive suites that further boast of complete kitchens, kitchenettes, fireplaces or terraces. Almost all of these rooms also feature porcelain figurines, wonderfully soft loungers, fascinating sketches and loads of leather.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll expect from The Lowell:

Located on a quiet, tree-lined street off Madison Avenue, The Lowell is in the heart of New York's most exclusive and fashionable Upper East Side. With only 49 individually decorated suites and 23 deluxe rooms, the hotel lavishes its guests with truly personalized service and great attention to detail. Among the many thoughtful touches are complimentary beverages upon arrival, Voss water at turndown and a selection of Bulgari amenities.

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Siberia is famous for its adventure-related tourist activities like dog sledding, hiking, cross country skiing, biking, Alpine sports and most especially, whitewater rafting. Located in Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast and Buryatia, the Kitoy River is one of the popular kayaking and rafting spots in Siberia during the first half of the year. Get a glimpse of this adventure in Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag)’s video, in which the creator of the clip says,

Kayaking in Siberia is special as it is different from kayaking in other places on so many levels: there are not many roads around the rivers, no cities or villages, no people and you cannot find all these things what exist in modern world here, and what make you feel tired. Life is simple here - just you, your friends and kayaking. What else can beat this feeling?! The Kitoy River with its tributary's is the best choice for expedition kayakers in this area. The length of the route is about 270km - 12 days of very good whitewater, lots of different waterfalls and rapids, unbelievable sceneries and amazing lifestyle.

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Shrimp Plate Lunch in Maui


Maui, the multi-awarded “Best Island in the World”, is not only ready to welcome you for sun, sand, sea, sail and surf but also for the most sumptuous of its cuisines.  

So we are recommending top dining spots here for you to totally enjoy Maui at its best.

1. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Restaurant
Humu’s, as it is called by the locals, offers the best resort dining experience. Named after Hawaii's state fish, its Polynesian thatch roof restaurant floats on a saltwater lagoon filled with tropical fish. Select your lobster from the lagoon or savour delicious Island fish and meat entrees that have Polynesian and Hawaiian influences.

2. Roy’s Restaurant
Experience Hawaii’s finest cuisine.  Nowhere else will you find Roy’s Classic Hawaiian Martini, Yamaguchi Sushi, Misoyaki Butterfish and Chocolate Soufflé all in the same table.

3. Ruth's Chris Steak House Shops
Regarded as Maui’s ultimate steak destination, Ruth’s Chris Steak House Shop was voted as the Hale Aina Gold Awardee for Best Steak and Most Romantic Restaurant by readers of Honolulu Magazine in 2010.  

4. Nick’s Fishmarket
Nick’s Fishmarket at the Kea Lani is a first-class, fine dining seafood restaurant, and for 12 consecutive years, it has been given the Award of Excellence, Wine Spectator award.  The restaurant is also 3-time winner of Best Special Occasion Restaurant and 5-time winner for Best in Service in the Maui Magazine Aipono Awards.  So don’t you ever forget to order Nick’s famous tomato soup.

5. Pineapple Grill
The restaurant is famous for its award-winning signature dessert, the pineapple upside-down cake. So don’t hesitate to drop by this Maui restaurant to sample these mouth-watering sweets!

On the whole, your trip to Hawaii will never be complete without indulging in its island cuisine!

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The Famous Mink Whale Meal on a Stick


Fjords, glaciers, snowcapped mountains and hot springs – these are just the few travel highlights that you should never miss when traveling to the somewhat controversial country of Iceland.

Nonetheless, more and more travelers are getting intrigued by the Icelandic cuisine, which has thankfully improved over the years as this does not now only revolve around simple dishes of fish and lamb. In fact, food lovers who could stomach quite weird yet surprisingly delectable dishes may appreciate the hint of uniqueness that a basic Icelandic fare has to offer.

Daily Mail UK Travel contributor and supermodel Elettra Wiedemann shares with us that Iceland’s breathtakingly awesome landscapes are just as unique as its culinary offerings (“Cool as Ice: Supermodel Elettra Wiedemann Explains the Joys of Ever-Dramatic Iceland”). Although particular dishes like harofiskur, which comprise of dried fish complemented with a coleslaw or butter, are quite popular in the country, she found that Icelandic chefs “cook puffin burgers and minke whale steaks”, both of which are known as contended dishes.

Of course, those who are adventurous at heart may want to taste such distinctive meals. Here’s a quick peek at the rest of her culinary adventure in Iceland:

--try a glass of the digestifs made from birch bark, which is said to be good for the skin, hair and libido. There's birkir, which is quite bitter, and björk, which is sweet… Icelanders' daily diet includes at least one bowl of skyr, a sheep's-milk yogurt, which is served with berries or jam. Other favorites include cured horse meat, smoked fish and bread served with gently smoked mackerel.

Go through the remainder of her travel here, and learn more about the Icelandic cuisine and travel attractions that she thoroughly enjoyed while in the country.

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It is definitely more than possible for you to get to the top of Victoria Peak and see the entire Hong Kong Island without even breaking a single sweat. You can do this by simply taking a ride on the Peak Tramway.

Getting to the upper parts of this Chinese island is made easier and more convenient as travelers and locals start on the Central district, where their ride to Victoria Peak begins.

So don’t miss the excellent vistas offered on the Victoria Peak! Watch this video shot by Hong Kong Travel Videos, and see how a ride on the Hong Kong Peak Tram provides wonderful views of the country’s skylines and harbor!

The video’s user further shares,

At its most authentic, Hong Kong projects a vibrant duality, an ambition of opposites that work together in concert, which are the special ingredients of harmony. Here, views of steel and glass pointing to the future rest against low stone temples coiling with the incense of deeply rooted traditions. The peak tram, which trundles to the top of the highest point on Hong Kong Island, is an emblem of the city's blending of beauty and practicality, vision and deed.

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Kilimanjaro's Kibo Peak


Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro offers three volcanic cones, namely Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo, and since it is the tallest peak not only in the country but in the entire Africa, it remains to be a popular trekking destination of many mountain climbers worldwide.

Located in the Kilimanjaro National Park, this inactive strato-volcano now promises a new reason for more travelers to check out the area through its paragliding activities.

Watch the video prepared by the Wings of Kilimanjaro, and have a new take on this newly-introduced adventure in Tanzania. The user shares,

Adventure sports and travel enthusiast, Adrian McRae is inviting 200 PILOTS to join him on a world-record-breaking first ever multi-pilot event to climb and fly from the "Roof of Africa" - Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain on the planet, and in doing so will raise over one million dollars for charities in Africa.

So start planning your next adventure trip today!

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A Serene Scene of Zuring in the Evening


With the snow-capped Swiss Alps as a stunning background and a lake and a river flowing through the city, Zurich remains to be an enchanting place as it elegantly turned into an impressive urbanized area.

Unfortunately, along with modernization and thriving tourism industry come the consequences of steep prices and impossibly pricey costs for any traveler’s basic necessities.

No need to fret though as there are effective money-saving tips on how you could spend less in Zurich. Read on to learn how.

1. Cycling around Town

Of course you don’t need to bring your own bike just to enjoy free transportation around Zurich. The good news is you can borrow bikes, skateboards and the like for free between May and October from 7AM to 9:20 PM everyday in various places in the city and all year round if you borrow one from the central train station! This is indeed a great alternative to taxis, which are extremely costly – with its meter typically starting at about $6.

2. Take Advantage of the Zurich Card

If bicycles don’t suit you at all, then purchase a 10-franc Zurich card, which is valid for a day, or pay 40 francs for a 3-day free admission to almost all world-renowned museums, free rides on boats, trams, funiculars, trains and buses as well as reasonable discounts at various shops!

Overall, you can save huge amounts of cash in a city deemed expensive by many organizations – you just have to follow the simple tips mentioned above!

So start planning a cheap vacation in Zurich now!

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Functioning as one of the most eclectic biological regions in the whole world, the Amazon and the rivers that flow into four other countries to meet the Atlantic Ocean are amazing in their own right.

This moist broadleaf forest shows that there are only few rainforests in the world as it already signifies more than 50% of the rainforests that are left behind on Earth.

See the importance of the Amazonia in this informative vid created by the Science Museum of Minnesota, in which the user shares,

Discover the wonders of the Amazon. Travel through a rainforest teeming with exotic animals like jaguars, pink dolphins, electric eels, and piranhas. Meet the Zoë, an indigenous tribe that makes their home in the rainforest, and learn about the medicinal qualities of native plants.

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Some people are of the view that the best beaches are those that haven’t been touched by any type of modernization, such as those that were not yet discovered by hotels or resorts.

So if you want to see the best beaches in the world, especially those that present a preserved scenery and pristine splendor, then you might check out those offered by Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

Watch this nice vid uploaded by LoungeV Films, in which the user shares,

These beaches will remain unknown but you may recognize them if you are an experienced traveler. The film is good for creating a lounge atmosphere, play it on your home theater and it will add a natural spirit to your interior design. Best for romantic dining as a pleasant visual and audio background.

So start planning your next beach holiday today!