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10 interesting facts about Karnak The Karnak Temple Complex, is a series of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings constructed during the Ptolemic Era reign of Senusret I. Note that there are other pharaohs that helped build the holy city but Senusret I is the most important. 'Karnak', translated as "The Most Selected of Places" was the main Egyptian religious center during the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad who widely worshiped the god Amun. Below are some interesting facts about the ancient temple complex. read more
Trip of a Lifetime: Private 4WD Jeep Safari & Hiking in Colored Canyon Looking for a desert Adventure? Then check out the Private 4WD Jeep Safari & Hiking in Colored Canyon in Egypt. On this tour visitors will travel by 4WD across the desert to Abu Galum & enjoy colors reflecting from the oxidized surfaces at the Colored Canyon. read more
See Egypt on a Luxor West Bank and Valley of the Kings Tour Have you ever wanted to tour ancient Egyptian tombs? Then take a Luxor West Bank, Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple Tour in Egypt. This tour takes visitors to the most famous sites on Luxor's West Bank in the company of an expert private guide. Visitors will also step back into Egypt's ancient history at the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple. read more
The Top 4 Best Destinations in Egypt Conquer the amazing world of Egypt. read more
Top 3 Hotels to Stay When in Cairo Next destination: enchanting Cairo! Get busy in the colourful days ahead of you in Cairo. As to where to stay to completely experience the city’s hospitality, we recommend you our top picks. read more

With the ancient Egyptian monuments of the Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramid complex as well as the archeological ruins in the Valley of Kings, Memphis and Karnak, it cannot be denied that Egypt’s tourism industry is booming.

Aside from these famous travel attractions though, the multi-cultural diversity of the people in Egypt is another thing that ought to be noted. This video prepared by Javier Morgade presents the local in this North African country as well as the locations he featured when he was “shooting a tourism program for a flight company in December 2009”.