Have you ever wanted to take part in a real Japanese Tea Ceremony? Visitors can experience Japan’s rich tea culture at the Seattle Japanese Garden Shoseian Teahouse.

Seattle'Japanese Garden Tanabota and Tea Ceremony

For those looking for a peaceful retreat from the city, look no further than Seattle's Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Aboretum. This garden oasis was designed by famed Japanese garden designer Juki Lida in 1958.  Walk along the garden's paths as you discover little secrets and magical elements around every corner of it's 3 1/2 acre grounds. The main attraction at the Seattle Japanese Garden are the real Japanese tea ceremonies which take place at the Shoseian Teahouse every 3rd Saturday of the month.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is called chado which translates as the 'way of tea'. Chado demonstrations at the Seattle Japanese Garden last approximately 40 minutes and will cost you only $5.00. As you sit around on traditional tatami mats, your host will demonstrate the art of the Japanese tea ceremony. After you go through the entire traditional practice you will be given a bowl of tea with traditional sweets to try. Reservations are recommended as only 20 visitor's can take part in the ceremony, although you are welcome to watch from outside the Shoseian Teahouse, free of charge.

The Seattle Japanese Garden brings the zen of Asia to America's Northwest. Reserve your place at the Shoseian Teahouse's next chado so you can experience the rich tea culture of Japan first-hand. 


To book your trip to Seattle and reserve your place at a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Shoseian Teahouse, call us now. 

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