Find out how it is to stay in a well-recommended accommodation in a Norfolk village.

Enjoying a Very English Stay at Great Massingham’s The Dabbling Duck

The Great Massingham Signpost


When planning a visit to Great Massingham, which is unusually noted for its number of ponds as well as ducks, then The Dabbling Duck is a suitable place to check in.

This 6-bedroom accommodation boasts of a charmingly furnished and styled ambience all nestled in one of Norfolk’s loveliest and modest civil parishes. Check out The Dabbling Duck, in which the Adjutant’s room is considered pet-friendly, in this hotel review written by Daily Mail UK Travel’s The Inspector ("An Inspector Calls: Fine Times (But No Fires) At The Dabbling Duck, Great Massingham").

Below is an excerpt of his article:

Good name. Very good pub and a terrific place to spend a couple of nights in easy reach of the best of north-west Norfolk… Rooms here cost £85 for a double, and you can choose one you want… Even so, the atmosphere is properly rustic. There's lots of bare brick; an upright piano, heaving bookshelves, battered tables and a dart board…

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