If you like going to a city beach, this is for you!

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Coogee Beach is a stunning recreational beach which is located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The beach features historical swimming baths for the shark paranoid!

The beach is suitable for swimming, sunbathing and picnics in the adjoining parks as well as for shopping and dining. Coogee Beach may also be considered as a location to stay in during a visit to Sydney. With its soft, manilla-colored sands and gentle waves, Coogee Beach is a nice spot for sunning and swimming. Plus, the eateries along the shore give beach bums several places to refuel. It is such a picturesque beach, complemented by the lovely cafes and restaurants that line all the streets leading to the beach,

You'll find Coogee about six miles southeast of Sydney Harbour, accessible via bus number 373 or 374 from Circular Quay. It's south of equally popular Bondi Beach. Parking can be difficult, so we recommend taking the bus.

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