You have a bit of the macabre about you and you want to learn about all the crimes, passion, romance and history of Kings Cross. Go there and find what you are missing out on.

Explore the Red-Light District on a Kings Cross Crime & Passion Tour

Take a walk on the wild side of Australia. No, not a walk-about in the bush; the streets of the red-light district. Where crime and passion lurk behind every corner and there is still more to see.

Let your imagination take you back in time to a place where high society danced and frolicked in their mansions and jealousy. Wander through the places where men and women used themselves and others to gain what they wanted, when they wanted it.

Take the memories of the people who were there and have a wonderful time while learning about and discussing one of Sydney's top unsolved mysteries. It will be a tour to remember and an enigma to those who love a good story.

During your tour of Kings Cross you will see a side of Sydney that a lot of visitors are not aware of. The crime and passion tour boasts of a not-so-peaceful era of Australia's history.

You will see and learn about Kings Cross transforming from a polite society area to one of debauchery, where the mafioso lived and used their business practices. Now, a tour of Kings Cross is one of the most pleasurable experiences on almost any tour.

There is so much to learn on this tour. It might be difficult to take it all in at once. It is a walking tour, so make sure to bring the right type of shoe. Taking two hours, this tour will enlighten all who venture forth.

Stop in at the local watering hole and enjoy a drink as more tales and scenarios are related to you about the entire area that once held some filthy-good secrets. Listen, engrossed, as your tour guides spin the yarn of history.

This tour is not for the faint of heart. The daring and adventurous spirit of the traveler will be on display as the tales of heartbreak, loss, prohibition and passion are told in timeless effort. All you need to do now is make sure you have those walking shoes handy and decide when to go.

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