Do you like wacky attractions? Then check out Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. Carhenge is a replica of Stonehenge that was created from old automobiles. The dimensions are the same as the original ancient alignment of stones found in England.

This Is Nebraska: Carhenge

If you pride yourself in visiting the craziest and most off-beat attractions you can find, you won't want to miss the one Tripadvisor named as the 2nd wackiest attraction in America. If you happen to be driving down HWY 87 near Alliance, Nebraska, you may see something oddly familiar in the distance. As you make your way closer you will hardly believe your eyes as it appears that England's Stonehenge has been  moved to a grassy Nebraskan field. Of course, you know Stonehenge hasn't moved to the American Plains, you have arrived at Carhenge; Nebraska's answer to the ancient monument but built entirely out of cars.

Thirty-eight automobiles were used to represent each stone in proportion to the ones found at Stonehenge as well as the same 96 ft diameter circle. All the cars were painted with the same grey spray paint to mimic the stones as well. Carhenge was built as a memorial to the designer's father, who once lived on the land where it now stands. This amazing tourist attraction has drawn over 80,000 international visitors, and continues to remain a popular stop for all those passing through.

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