Searching for adventure in your Los Angeles trip? Then horseback riding is a great active recreation in the LA region!

Top 2 Horseback Riding Ranches in Los Angeles

If you’ve always been a fan of horses or you’ve constantly imagined yourself riding valiantly at the back of a horse, then a nice active pursuit in Los Angeles is horse riding. You don’t really need to vault or steeplechase with horses once you decide to try equestrianism since LA ranches also provide even the most basic lessons of horseback riding.

Continue reading to get more details on the top two horseback riding ranches in Los Angeles.

1. Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables

If you don’t know what to do with your night and simply want to experience some fun under the moonlight, then the Sunset Margarita Horse Rides offered by the Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables will surely make a difference with your usual evening in LA. This Dinner Ride allows you to saddle up on a horse and ride it for an hour and a half passing through the Griffith Park, wherein you’ll surely appreciate the breathtaking cityscape of LA at night. You’ll then take your dinner at the Viva Fresh Mexican and end your meal with a margarita, after which you’ll then ride back to the ranch – all for $115 per person. Sadly, the drink and meal aren’t included in the price.

2. Griffith Park Horse Rental

If you wanted a cheaper horseback riding experience during daytime, then the $25 per hour rate offered by the Griffith Park Horse Rental will suit you. This guided ride will take you through the hills of Griffith Park, and while you can always bring your kids with you during the ride, it is required for children aged two to five years old to only ride ponies on a hand-led tour.

In general, the Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables as well as the Griffith Park Horse Rental are the top two horseback riding ranches and rentals in Los Angeles.

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