Flying to Russia for some adventure? Then don’t forget to head to Siberia!


Siberia is famous for its adventure-related tourist activities like dog sledding, hiking, cross country skiing, biking, Alpine sports and most especially, whitewater rafting. Located in Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast and Buryatia, the Kitoy River is one of the popular kayaking and rafting spots in Siberia during the first half of the year. Get a glimpse of this adventure in Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag)’s video, in which the creator of the clip says,

Kayaking in Siberia is special as it is different from kayaking in other places on so many levels: there are not many roads around the rivers, no cities or villages, no people and you cannot find all these things what exist in modern world here, and what make you feel tired. Life is simple here - just you, your friends and kayaking. What else can beat this feeling?! The Kitoy River with its tributary's is the best choice for expedition kayakers in this area. The length of the route is about 270km - 12 days of very good whitewater, lots of different waterfalls and rapids, unbelievable sceneries and amazing lifestyle.

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