Video: Nomadic Experiences

People who decide to leave the four walls of their home and the stable life they have worked hard for the last couple of years just so they could constantly travel the world and experience life in a whole new spectrum are simply courageous.

Being a nomad in a strange place where you meet unknown people and without the comfort of your home and the love of your family to welcome you is absolutely terrifying. 

Nevertheless, Nomad-A’s Raul Cabrera is brave enough to “ abandon his home country to chase his dreams, Peter-pan-style.”
Join Raul in meeting other globetrotters as a part of his nomadic experiences, which are described in the following text,
Whilst on the road, he has met thousands of individuals, many of whom made deep impressions shaping his journey and who he was to become. Strangers soon became friends, not only offering a couch and a home cooked meal, but also providing moral support and inspiration, giving Raul the fuel and encouragement to continue his non- stop migration.

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