This Alpine Resort Has the World's Highest Snow Maze

This Alpine Resort Has the World's Highest Snow Maze
Move over corn mazes! The winter version of the classic fall countryside activity is the snow maze. And one ski resort has laid claim to the highest alpine snow maze in the world.

Colorado’s Copper Mountain snow maze opened mid-January, and with a base elevation of over 9700 feet, the snow maze’s location on the mountain next to one of its lifts puts it in record-breaking territory.

The 2500-acre alpine resort about 75 miles west of Denver has already been blessed with over 140 inches of snow this season.

Even so, the snow used to build the 8000-square foot snow maze was farmed. It was brought in from Rosi’s Run, part of the Stifel U.S. Ski Team Speed Center, a training venue the Stifel U.S. Alpine Ski Team uses to train on in the early season.

A local business that designs snow and ice sculptures around the Rockies designed the maze and built it in just 10 days.In addition to forming precision-carved walls with perfectly straight lines and crisp corners, Snice Carvings added some artistic flare in the form of whimsical designs carved into the snow walls that quickly rise up around a participant once they enter.

You may have tried corn mazes, but as you can see, there’s no peeking through (or over!) the walls of this maze! Especially since anyone 3 and older is welcome to try their wits against the maze. Don’t fear getting lost, though. Parents can access a map with the solution on Copper Mountain’s website, or, as the resort suggests, in a maze emergency, you can call the Ski Patrol for a rescue.

Can you see the solution to the maze in the top image of the maze from above? Do you think you could solve it from within?

That’s just one of the ways to celebrate the winter off your skis or boards at Copper Mountain. The maze is right next to the resort’s tubing hill, with 5, family-friendly runs that lets you hit the hill a whole different way.

Copper Mountain’s year-round Rocky Mountain coaster is one of the longest alpine coasters in North America. It lets you cruise down 5800 feet of track at speeds of up to 25 miles an hour through the forest with spectacular views.

Plus, there’s ice skating, shopping, dining and all kinds of après-ski activities in pedestrian villages that let you change gears and connect with family and friends on and off the hills.

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