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Iceland is undeniably one of the countries that remain to attract millions of travelers just because of its sceneries – but do you know that this Nordic country is one of the best places to become a little more adventurous with your food?

The Famous Mink Whale Meal on a Stick

Fjords, glaciers, snowcapped mountains and hot springs – these are just the few travel highlights that you should never miss when traveling to the somewhat controversial country of Iceland.

Nonetheless, more and more travelers are getting intrigued by the Icelandic cuisine, which has thankfully improved over the years as this does not now only revolve around simple dishes of fish and lamb. In fact, food lovers who could stomach quite weird yet surprisingly delectable dishes may appreciate the hint of uniqueness that a basic Icelandic fare has to offer.

Daily Mail UK Travel contributor and supermodel Elettra Wiedemann shares with us that Iceland’s breathtakingly awesome landscapes are just as unique as its culinary offerings (“Cool as Ice: Supermodel Elettra Wiedemann Explains the Joys of Ever-Dramatic Iceland”). Although particular dishes like harofiskur, which comprise of dried fish complemented with a coleslaw or butter, are quite popular in the country, she found that Icelandic chefs “cook puffin burgers and minke whale steaks”, both of which are known as contended dishes.

Of course, those who are adventurous at heart may want to taste such distinctive meals. Here’s a quick peek at the rest of her culinary adventure in Iceland:

--try a glass of the digestifs made from birch bark, which is said to be good for the skin, hair and libido. There's birkir, which is quite bitter, and björk, which is sweet… Icelanders' daily diet includes at least one bowl of skyr, a sheep's-milk yogurt, which is served with berries or jam. Other favorites include cured horse meat, smoked fish and bread served with gently smoked mackerel.

Go through the remainder of her travel here, and learn more about the Icelandic cuisine and travel attractions that she thoroughly enjoyed while in the country.

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