Great Things To Do For Free In Washington, DC

Washington, DC is so much more than just the capital of the greatest country in the world. It is one of the most enjoyable travel destinations as well and while there are plenty of fantastic sights and attractions that cost money, there are also lots of equally fantastic things to do that are completely free.

No matter how much money you have, it is always nice to get something for free. Washington, DC is an exciting city but many visitors find it to be a little bit on the expensive side.

So whether you are traveling with your family for a summer vacation, with a group of friends for a weekend getaway, or just by yourself for some much needed rest and relaxation, a trip to Washington DC doesn't have to break the bank.

If you are traveling with children (or even if you're not) one of the most enjoyable things you can do for free is to visit the National Zoo. Located in Rock Creek National Park and part of the Smithsonian Institution, the National Zoo is one of DC's most popular attractions. Over four hundred species of animals are on display and best of all, you won't be charged a single penny for admission.

If you are a lover of the arts then you will definitely want to check out one of the many performances that takes place at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. The Centre's daily 6:00 PM presentations include performances by dance troupes, jazz musicians, poets, and even the National Symphony Orchestra. And yes, these 6:00 PM daily performances are free.

No visit to the nation's capital would be complete without a tour of the United States Capital Building. The tours are indeed free but tickets have to be acquired in advance at the building and are given out on a first come, first served basis.

And if you enjoy the freedom of being able to visit Washington, DC any time you like then you owe it to those who gave their lives to give you that freedom by paying a visit to the Arlington National Cemetery. The 624.acre cemetery is the final resting place of more than 330,000 servicemen and women and is free for visitors to enter.

Washington, DC is indeed an exciting town with plenty to see and do. And if you're a little bit light in the wallet, don't worry. You can still enjoy lots of what this great American city has to offer.

by Avon Alexander on 12/04/2013 in Sightseeing