Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy

Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy is beauty redefined. Its landscape easily compares to paradise. If you are not enjoying the spectacular azure waters of the Pacific, you will be capturing pictures of the blossoming plumeria on your camera. The perfectly manicured gardens, coconut palms and sun-drenched beaches are as inviting as the aloha culture which they represent.

The resort boasts a total of 108 accommodation units. These are then categorized into several distinct classes including; Standard Rooms, One Bedroom Villas, and Ohana Suites.

Despite the different classes, you can expect to find the following minimum amenities at the resort;

Your culinary experience is at the heart of the holiday package offered at this resort. You are thus invited to the Hukilau Lanai Restaurant for grilled fish, roasted chicken and beef. Other eateries near the resort include; Kintaro's, Gaylord's Restaurant, The Bull Shed, Roy's Poipu Bar and Grill, The Beachhouse Restaurant and many more.

Popular holiday activities at the resort include;

Sounds like a place you can take your family for a memorable holiday, doesn't? Well, it is...ask me, I know. Make a reservation today.

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by Kennedy Runo on 11/17/2014 in Hotels