Maui Lu Resort

Located along the South Kihei Road in Kihei, Maui, the Maui Lu Resort is ranked among the top holiday destinations in Maui. It is no wonder then that the resort has been sold to the Japan based Capbridge Group. The group is refurbishing the hotel with a whopping budget of US$300 million to turn it into a 388 unit resort. It is set to become the Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare.

That notwithstanding, you will have a great vacation here. Among the facilities you will be able to enjoy after the refurbishment is complete include;

Of course you will be able to enjoy classic Maui holiday activities such as surfing, snorkeling, fine dining, sunbathing, sailing, spa services, shopping, hiking, parasailing, scuba diving, cultural experiences, etc. once the resort refurbishment is complete.

In all likelihood, this new resort will be the best in Maui. You can be one of the pioneer holidaymakers who get to enjoy the discounted rates once it reopens. Watch this space for I'll let you know when to make your reservations...

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by Kennedy Runo on 11/03/2014 in Hotels