North Adelaide Heritage Group – Staying at Lavish Suites and Apartments

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North Adelaide Heritage Group – Staying at Lavish Suites and Apartments

Choose one of the 20 gorgeously special accommodations offered by our featured Adelaide hotel of the day.

North Adelaide, Australia

Nestling at the oldest and verdant area of Adelaide is the dazzling North Adelaide Heritage Group, owned by antique dealers who have transformed their Heritage-included mews residences, fire station, meeting chapel and arts-and-crafts manor home into handsome suites and apartments.

Of course, each room won’t be complete without the touch of both modern pieces of furniture and exquisite Australian antiques. Consider staying at this Adelaide accommodation, which is complete with a kitchen, hot tub or bath, mil-shake maker and sitting room, in this review written on travel-centered website, called Frommer’s:

Each of the 20 properties in North Adelaide and Eastwood are good but I recommend the elegant Bishop's Garden on Molesworth Street. Originally the house and gardens of Bishop Nutter Thomas, the fourth Anglican Bishop of Adelaide, it's full of gorgeous antiques and artwork collected by the current owners, Rodney and Regina Twiss. The company also offers a suite in the old North Adelaide Fire Station; it comes complete with a full-size, bright red, very old fire engine and the original fireman's pole. All properties are within easy walking distance of the main attractions in the area.

So speak with our travel experts today to commence your next holiday vacation in Adelaide!

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