Notable Reasons Why People Travel

You ask why people travel? Here is why:

1. We all need new perspectives, don't we? People travel to get a new way of thinking,

2. Learning is infinite. The more you travel, the more you learn and discover new things.

3. Tell me you do not want to meet new people and I'll label you anti-social. People travel to meet new people and experience their customs.

4. Sometimes the winters are so bad on people’s arthritis. People travel for health reasons.

5. People travel for adventure too. They want to escape the mundane and boring life and experience some thrill.

6. Oh...some want to check off things on their bucket list. Seeing the world is usually among the top items on the bucket list.

7. People also travel to create family time. Try to create this at home and you will fail terribly. Back at home, you will always find something important to do...and this, at the expense of quality family time.

8. People also travel to rejuvenate and unwind. Sometimes you feel like tipping over and the only way to refocus is to get away from it all.

9. How about some romance and love? People travel all the time to get those special moments with their loved ones. Case in point, honeymoon.

10. People also travel for business or work. This is what we call business travelling.

Why do you travel? Do your reasons feature in the above list? If they don't, feel free to add to the list.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/20/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff