Plantation Hale Suites

I do not want to make you guilty or anything, but isn't about time you took your spouse on that Hawaiian vacation that you have been promising him/her for so long? You know, life is too short not to get the best out of it. Shelf the work for one month and live a little. I have just the right place to make fond memories - the Plantation Hale Suites in Kapaa, Kauai.

If you had any doubts about going here, below is a list of amenities and services available at the resort that will erase your doubts;

Apart from the above general facilities, the suites have the following amenities

The Plantation Hale Suites is centrally located such that you will have access of all the fine dining restaurants in Kauai. Taste as many of the exotic delicacies as you can.

Popular holiday activities at the resort and in the surrounding facilities includes; Sightseeing, hiking, biking, fine dining, shopping, night clubbing, boat rides and many more.

Make a reservation today and give your spouse something to brag about among their peers. You can also click here to view comments about the resort on Trip Advisor.


by Kennedy Runo on 11/14/2014 in Hotels