Saint-Amour, Jura, the perfect getaway in France

One of the hidden gems of France, Saint-Amour is a charming town located in the Jura department in eastern France. If you are looking for a place where you can spend idyllic days getting more about the other side of France, and discovering its beauty and splendor, you will find Saint-Amour to your liking.

Saint-Amour is nestled in the slopes of Jura Mountains, about 323 meters above sea level. It has about 2370 inhabitants called Amourains. The town is about 350 kilometers from Paris. It is a sleepy town where you can spend days just relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of France’s more cosmopolitan and big cities, but it has hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover. During the middle ages, a fortress and ramparts were built to protect the village. Its strategic location was important to the French conquest, and this small town experienced five invasions! Its languid atmosphere and friendly locals are the reasons why it’s a great getaway for those who are tired of the city life.

There are numerous attractions you must visit in Saint-Amour including the Church of Saint-Amour, Chapel Allonal, the Royal Prisons, the Apothecary / Capuchin Convent, the Annunciation, and a tour of Guillaume and the fortifications. It has 5 restaurants where you can indulge in traditional French cuisine including the L’escale, Hotel Restaurant Du Commerce, Cafe Francais, Le Chatelet, and Le Saint Augustin. If you are lucky enough to be in the town on a Sunday, enjoy taking a stroll and buying stuff at its market.

No tourist traps, fast food chains, traffic and air pollution, what more can you ask from a town that will leave its imprint in your heart! Consult your travel agent and book a trip to Saint-Amour. 

by Sunshine Silva on 09/14/2015 in Rest & Relaxation