Spend you Christmas Holiday in Munich, Germany

About Munich

Spend you Christmas Holiday in Munich, Germany

One of the best cities to enjoy a Christmas holiday with the family, the city of Munich is brimming with activities that spell a lot of fun during the season.

Named by Travel + Leisure as one of the best places to spend Christmas in, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is known for its festivals, events and attractions. It is inhabited by about 1.5 million people, covers a total area of 119.86 square miles, and blessed with an oceanic climate. The home to the BMW, the city is also known for tax free shopping, 61 theaters, 36 museums, 4 symphony orchestras, the annual Oktoberfest, 6 major breweries, over 60 beer gardens, and the Weißwürste, a popular breakfast white sausage. Munich is a city that can be visited at any time of the year, but if you want to have a magical and an unforgettable Christmas holiday, you must visit Munich during the Christmas season. Munich Airport is you gateway to the city. It is located 35 kilometers from the city, and is served by a number of carriers from all over the world.

Why spend your Christmas holiday in Munich? One of the busiest time of the year in the city, the Christmas season ushers in a shopping frenzy for Christmas goodies with more than two dozen Christmas markets dotting the city. You can listen and revel in German Christmas music at the Church of Our Lady, or one of the concert halls in the city. Have fun at the Tollwood Winter Festival which features amazing acrobatics, dances, music, and food. Be awed by the hundred-foot-tall Christmas tree in the Marienplatz. Bring out your skates and have a ball in Munich Ice Magic, the city’s largest open-air skating rink. And visit the Christmas Village in the Royal Residence where your kids can ride carousels, and shake hands with Nikolaus, the German Santa Claus.

Relish the Christmas spirit in Munich, and have one of the most memorable Christmas holidays in the city known as the World City with Heart. Consult your travel agent for more details.

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