Traveling With Asthma - It Can Be Done!

I'veknown a lot of people who share my passion for traveling but have felt restricted due to their Asthma. The stress of navigating from one foreign place to another can be worrisome; the risk of an unexpected, unwanted environmental change can trigger a flare up in an area when proper medical assistance might not be readily available.

However, there are steps you can take to cut down these risk and enjoy your traveing without being hampered by excessive sneezing, coughing and wheezing.

Before You Go

Consult your doctor. If your asthma is well controlled then you're fit to take the trip. But if you've lately experienced flare-ups, your doctor can adjust your medication.

Pack all of your maintenance drugs for asthma as well as your rescueandcontrollermeds. Keep these within easy reach. If you're planning to travel abroad, you might need to ask for an endorsement letter from your physician, with the details of your medical condition and your medications. This will be helpful when dealing with airport security and immigration. A healthy insurance card might also come in handy.

On The Road

If you're traveling by car, turn on the A/C or heater with the windowsopenfor at least 10 minutes to cut down dust mites and mold lurking in your car.

Furthermore, according

"If pollen or air pollution triggers your asthma and counts are high during your trip, travel with the windows clothes and the air conditioner on."

Up in the Air

Most airlines prohibit smoking but in the event that you board a charter flight that allows passengers to smoke, speak up and explain your condition. Insist to be seated in an area where you won't be affected.

Have your medications ready and drink lots of water while on the plane, as the cabin air is super dry and can trigger an asthma attack.

Comfort Zone Away From Home

Sometimes you'll be limited in your power to change your environment when you travel, but by being aware and speaking out you can have a positive effect.

If you discover pollens, dust mites, animal dander, cigarette smoke or any other allergen that you have a sensitivity to in your hotel room, ask to be moved. Opt for a sunny, dry and well ventilated room far from the pool.

Basking Happily and Safely

To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, write anAsthma Action Planthat you can follow for the trip. Generally there are no restrictions as long as your asthma is well controlled. Check with your doctor first if you're going be really exerting yourself at any point (hiking, climbing, etc.).

Follow these steps and you can travel stress-free. Your health always comes first so wherever you are, carefully plan your trip.

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